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"Sheltering the Creative Spirit"

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Taos, New Mexico USA



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Charles Adams

Of Time and Change, reviewed by Charles Adams


Rudolfo Anaya

"Return to the Mountain,"  by Rudolfo Anaya


Charles Behlen

"Widow Zebach," a poem by resident Charles Behlen


Gene Berry

"The Spirit of Frank Waters,"  by Gene Berry


Alexander Blackburn

"Celebrating His Life,by Alexander Blackburn


Imogene Bolls

"The Walk to the Upper Pasture - -  for Barbara - -  In Memory of Frank", by Imogene Bolls

"A Smooth Launching," by Imogene Bolls


Nathan J. Bolls

"The Nature of Rocks" by Nathan J. Bolls


Jim Ciletti

Word Magic



Denise Chavez

Jim Sagel: Compadre del Corazon, by Denise Chavez


Karen Cordova

Finding the Map to Mora Within the Walls of the City of Faith



Vine Deloria, Jr

Foreword to Brave are My People, by Vine Deloria, Jr.

Foreword to Rekindling the Inner Light: The Frank Waters Centennial


R. P. Dickey

"Santo Domingo Corn Dance: for Frank Waters,"  by R. P. Dickey


Victor di Suvero    

"For Frank Waters"                           


Bill Edelen

"Frank Waters, Man of the Earth and Spirit,"  by Bill Edelen

"Frank Waters, The Man Who Rekindled the Inner Light"


Della Estrada

"Will you be Okay ?"  by Della Estrada


William Farr

"The Woman at Otowi Crossing Opera", by William Farr



Carrie Fountain

"Where Muses Lurk"


Joseph Gordon

"The Westerner," by Joseph Gordon


Phaedra Greenwood

"Reconciling Sexual Opposites" by Phaedra Greenwood, published in the Salt Journal


James Harper

Heartwarming and Heartbreaking: Lewy Body Disease, a rare form of dementia with two challenging twists


Charles Hathaway

"Bijou Street Beginnings."  Excerpt from Frank Waters: Man and Mystic with Frank Waters and Charles Hathaway

Back-Alley Boys: The Life-Long Friendship of Charles Hathaway and Frank Waters


David Jongeward

On Writing, Page 4. "Frank Waters", Excerpted from the Taos Review, by David Jongeward


R. Gray Kampfe

"On Being Open: Seven Settings," by R. Gray Kampfe


Ann Kane

Healing: Harmonizing the Personal and the Global


Barbara Kingsolver

Remarks from Barbara Kingsolver, Frank Waters Award Ceremony, April 13, 2002


Robert Kostka

"Coyote,"  by Robert Kostka


Marilyn Luther

Marilyn Luther offers a Prayer at the dedication ceremony


Tal Luther

"Rejoice," by Tal Luther 


Thomas Lyon

A Frank Waters Reader: A Southwestern Life in Writing, by Thomas Lyon


John Nichols

Foreword by John Nichols from Celebrating the Coyote


John Nizalowski 

Of Time and Change: A

Celebrating the Cyote,  A Review

Frank Waters: Prophet of the Sixth World Consciousness


Hugh Ogden

Artist in Residence List;  an essay by Hugh Ogden, "Another Gift;" and two poems by Ogden, "The Old Genesis" and "For Barbara on the Death of Ginger, Her Horse"


Father Peter J. Powell

" The Presence of the Sacred,"  by Father Peter J. Powell


John Rainer

"With you Forever," by John Rainer


Mark Rossi

"On the Road with Frank Waters," by Mark Rossi 

"Sculpting a Portrait of Frank Waters," by Mark Rossi


Fred See

Frank Waters and True West


Mary Ann Torrence

"Waters' Reflections," by Mary Ann Torrence

"Isn't This Just the Life?", by Mary Ann Torrence

Waters' Reflection, by Mary Ann Torrence


Geoffrey Torrence

Board of Directors Consultant


Barbara Waters

Barbara Waters' "The Troops" from her book Celebrating the Coyote, which is about living with Frank

"Celebrating the Coyote: A Review" by Barbara Waters

LAUGHING WITH ALICE IN WONDERLAND: Utilizing the Creativity of our Inner Children.  WRITING WORKSHOP #7

On Writing, Page 2. Barbara discusses a FWF writing workshop in which authors Rudolfo Anaya, Denise Chavez, Max Evans, and John Nichols participated. SIXTEEN precepts on writing were developed at the workshop and are listed here.

On Writing, Page 2. Barbara reviews the "Spirit of Place" Workshop (1993) given by the FWF in which Frank developed a list of twelve precepts he followed in his writing.

On Writing, Page 3. "The Essence of a Good Muse" by Barbara Waters (2000)

Waiting for Robert Redford, from Celebrating the Coyote

"A Fitting Farewell," by Barbara Waters; material about friends, Ralph and Rowena Meyers

"Gratitude" by Barbara Waters

Forward- Pure Waters:Frank Waters and The Quest for Cosmic, by Barbara Waters

"Of Awards and Pink Tulips", by Barbara Waters

The New Book: Rekindling the Inner Light: The Frank Waters Centennial

 "Let's Celebrate"


Frank Waters

Excerpts from Waters Book Mountain Dialogues

Excerpts from an essay on horses Frank owned, from a  forthcoming book

"The Regional Imperative," a speech delivered by Frank at Tutt Library for Colorado College,  July 28, 1985. 

Frank delivered this speech entitled "Words"  at the annual meeting of the Western Literature Association in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in October 1968

"The One Great Book of Life," a speech delivered by Frank at Clark County Community College, Nevada, on November 23, 1985

"Blame it on the Blossoms," an editorial by Frank Waters

A letter to Rowena Meyers from Frank Waters

"Houston Branch," by Frank Waters

"How it was settled,"  by Frank WatersColumbia Sayings and Doings
Columbia Grade School, Grade 8-A, January, 1917


Keith Wilson

"People From the Valley," by Keith Wilson


Peter Wood

"Building of Aspen House" written by contractor Peter Wood, who describes the process of bringing the first artist studio on the Foundation's property to completion.  


Pablo Quintana

"Encino -- Oak Tree,"  by Pablo Quintana


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