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Taos, New Mexico USA






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  Please call for pricing on the following books and items -- details at the bottom of this page.


Frank Waters Foundation Press is Proud to Announce Publication of 

Rekindling The Inner Light: The Frank Waters Centennial

Hard Bound (250 copies)

Soft BBBbound (650 copies)



Send check with your Name, Address and daytime phone number to Frank Waters Foundation

PO Box 1127 Taos, New Mexico 87571


The FWF purchased from Frank's good friend,  JOHN GILCHRIESE , a number of important items from his collection. These items listed below are for sale from the Foundation. 


From the John Gilchriese Collection:

  1. 1 copy: Frank Waters: A Bibliography, Terence A. Tanner (HB/Dust

Jacket/Presentation/Signed) -


  2. 3 copies: Frank Waters: A Bibliography, Terence A. Tanner (HB/DJ) -


  3. 1 copy: To Possess The Land, (PB/DJ/Pres/Signed) -


  4. 1 copy: Cuchama and Sacred Mountains,  W. Y. Evans-Wentz (HB

DJ/Pres/Signed) -


  5. 1 copy: Masked Gods, (HB/No DJ/Pres/Signed) -


  6. 1 copy: Masked Gods, (HB/No DJ) -


  7. 1 copy: Masked Gods, (HB/DJ/Signed) -


  8. 1 copy: Masked Gods, (HB/DJ/Pres/Signed) -


  9. 1 copy: Mexico Mystique, (HB/DJ/Pres/Signed) -


10. 1 copy: Mexico Mystique, (PB/Pres/Signed) -


11. 1 copy: Book of the Hopi, (Uncorrected Proof/Spiral Binding/Wrapper) -



12. 1 copy: Frank Waters: A Retrospective Anthology, Charles L. Adams

(PB/Signed) -


13. 1 copy: The Man Who Killed the Deer, (PB/Pres/Signed - 1970) -


14. 1 copy: The Colorado, (PB/Pres/Signed) -


15. 1 copy: Brave Are My People, (HB/Pres/Signed) -


16. 1 copy: Pike's Peak, (PB/DJ/Pres/Signed) -


17. 2 copies: Pike's Peak, (HB/DJ/Pres/Signed) -


18. 1 copy: Pike'ıs Peak, (HB/Dam DJ/Pres/Signed) -


19. 1 copy: Flight From Fiesta, (HB/DJ/Signed) -


20. 1 copy: Flight From Fiesta, (HB/DJ/Pres/Signed) -


21. 3 copies: Flight From Fiesta, (PB/Signed) - $30 ea


22. 1 copy: Flight From Fiesta, (PB/Signed ³Frank²) -


23. 1 copy: Flight From Fiesta, (PB/Pres/Signed) -


24. 1 copy: Flight From Fiesta, (HB/Slp Cov/No. 12/Signed) -


25. 1 copy: Writers' Forum: Frank Waters Issue, (PB/Signed) -


26. 1 copy: The Dust Within the Rock, (HB/No DJ) -


27. 1 copy: Leon Gaspard, (HB/DJ/Pres/Signed/Fenn Ed) -


28. "Studies in Frank Waters," Charles Adams, Ed.: 1 copy Vol. V -   3

copies Vol. VI - ; 1 copy Vol. VII - ; 9 copies Vol. X - ea; 2

copies Vol. XIII - ; 2 copies Vol. XVIII - ; 2 copies Vol. XIX -

; 2 copies Vol. XX -


29. One Bronze Bust of Frank Waters, by Mark Rossi - $2,500





The following books may be purchased directly from the Foundation, see below for details on ordering.

NEW  Rekindling the Inner Light: The Frank Waters Centennial. Hard bound (250 copies) . Soft bound  (650 copies)

Pure Waters: Frank Waters and the Quest for the Cosmic. Special Christmas Price:

Broadside by Tom Leech, Palace of the Governors Press, 12" by 18" wide, unframed, numbered, Ltd. edition. White handmade paper imprinted with Waters' "life is a great white stone" quote overlapping stone sketch.


Back - Alley Boys: The Life-Long Friendship of Charles Hathaway and Frank Waters 


Hard Bound ( Limited to 100 copies): First Fifty Copies @, Final 50 copies @ h. Christmas special: 

Soft Bound (900 copies):  First 450 copies @ ; remaining @



Advice for the Climb, by Imogene Bolls.


Sundays in Tutt Library with Frank Waters,  introduction by Joseph Gordon, Frank's speech given in Colorado Springs 1985. Last available copies. Book collector, Tal Luther says, "...a valuable collector's item."  Call for price

Taos Landmarks and Legends, by Bill Hemp; text including 115 reproductions of pen and ink drawings of local interest, including the Waters' Arroyo Seco home. Clothbound

Of Time and Change, by Frank Waters. Hardbound

Celebrating the Coyote, by Barbara Waters, Hardbound

To order scroll down for more information on contacting the Foundation.


        FWF - Book Shop

Frank's Books may also be purchased through The Foundation is considered an "associate" and therefore  receives a small fee if you purchase using this site only!

Amazon lists almost 70 publications under Frank Waters. Most are authored by him, some are books in which he wrote only the introduction. Note,  some are not Franks' books, or are they about or associated with him. Click on an Amazon book title, this will take you to the information about the book in order to make an informed decision. 

Additionally, if you access only through the link below, and you decide to purchase anything, not limited to books, the Foundation will also receive a small fee. 

Thank you.

To proceed to FWF- link ->  coming soon 


To Purchase items directly from the Foundation  please contact us. 

E-mail Click --> Here to send an e-mail ( or use this address


Mailing Address: The Frank Waters Foundation

                                 PO Box 1127, Taos, New Mexico 87571

Phone: 575-776-2356


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