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"Sheltering the Creative Spirit"

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Taos, New Mexico USA




                                               Frank Waters Chronology

Click dates of interest in table below.

         1902-1945            1946-1969            1970-2002



Published works appear in Pink.


Moved to Taos.  Divorced from Lois Moseley.        

July:   The Colorado issued for members of the National Travel Club.

September 9:     The Colorado officially published in the Rivers of America Series by Rinehart & Company.                   

December 29    Alan Swallow interested in reprinting Waters’ books.                                                                                                                                       


Lived in Taos area.  Bought Arroyo Seco property.  Married Jane Somervell. 

Began Masked Gods while staying at Hawk Ranch, Lobo Mountain. 

Wrote Diamond Head while living in Harwood Foundation apartment during winter.   

April 10 Yogi of Cockroach Court published by Rinehart & Company.                                                       


Lived in Twenty Nine Palms, California.  During fall picked apples in Columbia River Valley, Washington. 

Finished Masked Gods.

April 23,  Diamond Head, by Houston Branch and Frank Waters, published by Farrar, Straus.



Lived in Taos and Arroyo Seco.  Served as editor-in-chief of Taos’ bilingual weekly newspaper, El Crepusculo, 1949-1951.     


Lived in Nicolai Fechin’s Taos studio. 

Summer, lived in Arroyo Seco

December 2:  Masked Gods published by University of New Mexico Press



Left El Crepusculo. 

Lived in Tucson, Arizona; traveled in Mexico.                                                             


Lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, at Nevada test sites, in Albuquerque, and in Arroyo Seco, where periodically restored, expanded house.        


Awarded Taos Artists Award for Notable Achievement in the Art of Writing.        

1953 - 1956                             

Lived at Jacona Ranch in Pojoaque (below Los Alamos). 

Worked as Information Consultant for Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory.     

Lived three months each year in Las Vegas, Nevada.                                                          


Divorced from Jane Waters.                                                                 


Wrote The Woman at Otowi Crossing, first draft.                                                                 


                                Barbara, Frank and Mrs. Dawn Howell at Otowi, 1979


Lived in Los Angeles. 

Wrote for C. V. Whitney Motion Pictures Company; used money to modernize Arroyo Seco kitchen. 

Rewrote  The Woman at Otowi Crossing and The Earp Brothers of Tombstone (final draft).    



Lived in Santa Fe. 

Began Leon Gaspard.

Rewrote The Woman at Otowi Crossing (third draft). 

Wrote for John S. Candelario Pictures, Santa Fe; script much later became Flight from Fiesta.                   

1959 - 1963                             

Worked on Book of the Hopi; lived much of time on Hopi Reservation on research grant from Charles Ulrick and Josephine Bay Foundation, New York.     


Jane Somervell died.                            

June 16:  The Earp Brothers of Tombstone published by Clarkson N. Potter, Inc.     


Married Rose Woodell.                                                         

  Rose Woodell with portrait of Frank painted by Leon Gaspard, 1965


October Robert Gilruth published by Encyclopaedia Brittanica Press                          

December 2 Book of the Hopi published by The Viking Press.                                                                



Lived in Taos at Woodell Brooks Street home and in Arroyo Seco.  Traveled in Chihuahua, Mexico.                       

October: Leon Gaspard published by Northland Press.              


Divorced from Rose Woodell. 

Finished fourth draft of The Woman at Otowi Crossing. 

Wrote Pumpkin Seed Point. 

Made three trips to Chihuahua.          


Writer-in-Residence at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, spring semester. 

Lectured on “Mysticism and Witchcraft,”  later published, reprinted (gave several shorter talks in previous years).                             

October 31: The Woman at Otowi Crossing published by Alan Swallow.     


Lived in Santa Fe.  Director, New Mexico Arts Commission.


Awarded Honorary Life Membership in Western Literature Association; delivered paper titled “Words,” later published  by WLA.                                                       

1968 - 1969                             

Lived in Arroyo Seco.  Rewrote Colorado trilogy as Pike’s Peak.              

Only sibling, Naomi Arnell, died (1969).                             

May 1, 1969:  Pumpkin Seed Point published by Swallow Press Inc.                                                    

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