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"Sheltering the Creative Spirit"

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Taos, New Mexico USA








FEVER PITCH  (1930)                                    

THE WILD EARTH’S NOBILITY  (1935)                                     

BELOW GRASS  ROOTS  (1937)                                     

THE DUST WITHIN THE ROCK  (1940)                                     

PEOPLE OF THE VALLEY  (1941)                                      

THE MAN WHO KILLED THE DEER  (1942)                                     

RIVER LADY  (1942) with Houston Branch                                    

THE YOGI OF COCKROACH COURT  (1947)                   

DIAMOND HEAD  (1948) with Houston Branch                 

THE WOMAN AT OTOWI CROSSING   (1966)                

PIKE’S PEAK  (1972)                                     

FLIGHT FROM FIESTA  (1986)                                                             


               Non Fiction


MIDAS OF THE ROCKIES  (1937)                                     

THE COLORADO  (1946)                                     

MASKED GODS   (1950)                                     


THE EARP BROTHERS OF TOMBSTONE  (1960)                   

BOOK OF THE HOPI  (1963)                                     

ROBERT GILRUTH  (1963)                                     

LEON GASPARD  (1964)                                     



TO POSSESS THE LAND  (1973)                                     

MEXICO MYSTIQUE  (1975)                                     

MOUNTAIN DIALOGUES  (1981)                                     

CUCHAMA AND SACRED MOUNTAINS  (1981) by W.Y. Evans-WentzEd. with Dr. Charles L. Adams                                    

ETERNAL DESERT  (1990) with photographs by David Muench 

BRAVE ARE MY PEOPLE  (1993)                                     


Posthumous Books


Pure Waters: Frank Waters and the Quest for the Cosmic (2002)



            Books About Frank Waters


Conversations With Frank Waters, ed. by John R. Milton  (1971)

Frank Waters (literary criticism), by Thomas J. Lyon (1973)

Frank Waters: A Bibliography with Relevant Selections from His Correspondence, by Terence A. Tanner  (1983)

Frank Waters: A Retrospective Anthology, ed. by Charles L. Adams (1985)

A Sunrise Brighter Still (literary criticism), by Alexander Blackburn (1991)


Frank Waters: Man and Mystic (essays), ed. by Vine Deloria, Jr.(1993)

Celebrating the Coyote (memoir), by Barbara Waters (1999)    

A Frank Waters Reader: A Southwestern Life in Writing, ed. by Thomas J. Lyon (2000)   



                              Annual Publications About Frank Waters


Studies in Frank Waters,” ed. by Charles L. Adams (established 1975)




                                    The Man Who Killed the Deer          (1987)

                Frank Waters, Interview  Hopi: Myths of Native American Lore (1987)


                                                                       VIDEO TAPES

 Early School Days in Colorado Springs: with Frank Waters and Charles Hathaway (1992)


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