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"Sheltering the Creative Spirit"

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Taos, New Mexico USA








Dreams Can Come True

Donations may be made to the Frank Waters Foundation, they are the lifeblood of our effort  to 'Shelter the Creative Spirit'. Consider becoming a partner in our work to provide educational programs for the general public and short term residency for artists of all genre.

We must place more emphasis on public contributions due to our IRS status as a non-profit tax-exempt charity (Tax ID 86-0723866). Membership is for 12 months. You can participate as a new member, renewal or give a gift to a friend. 

Thank you for your support so far. Please help us reach our long-range educational goals and our immediate goal to build another Resident Cabin. Your contributions are tax deductible.

If you are interested in including the Foundation in your estate planning please contact your attorney.

Thank you.

Barbara Waters


You are invited to participate in our vision and educational goals by becoming a member of the Frank Waters Foundation, a non-profit, tax-exempt public charity. Please complete the form below, print it and mail to:

Frank Waters Foundation, P.O. Box 1127 , Taos, New Mexico 87571

Renewal ٱ___           New ٱ___           Gift ___    ٱ      Memorial To ______________________


Membership Categories

_____Individual ($15-$29)

_____Family ($30-$100)

_____Sponsor ($101-$250)

_____Patron ($251-500)

_____Benefactor ($501-5,000)

_____Major Benefactor ($5001-10,000)

_____Founder ($10,000+)

_____Commercial Contributor (business or organization) over $100 


Amount Enclosed $_____________________




Phone Number__________________________

E-mail Address________________________


If a gift, please provide the name of the person you are giving to:



Phone Number__________________________

E-mail Address________________________


Designated Donations


                                                                   “MONEY  MATTERS”

                  Dr. Richard Fleming of New Mexico Junior College in Hobbs emailed us after viewing our impressive new website, “How may I participate financially in the Frank Waters Foundation?”  These weighty words are the answer to a president’s prayers.  They could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.              

                For starters, lately I’ve been concentrating my wishes (Wishing Well by Paul Pearsall, Ph.D) on a $1 million donation to our Foundation.  This would complete or Endowment Fund, now in its infancy, as well as contribute to other projects.

                 If that’s too steep, $50,000 would build a second cabin to house our creative residents.  Another Frank Waters Southwest Writing Contest is overdue; they cost at least $10,000 each.  Our first publishing venture is costing close to $6,000, which needs replacing.  We pay our one office helper approximately $2,000 annually; this amount could be replenished as a yearly contribution.

                 We could use $1,500 to cover a deficit in this past summer’s Russian music presentation, or to fund a repeat next summer of this unusual happening.  All of the remaining Frank Waters books and his bronze bust, bought by us for resale from Frank’s close friend John Gilchriese, need purchasing (see “Store” for sale items).  Published three or four times annually, our newsletters cost nearly $1,000 each; the current November issue needs funding, as do all future editions.

                 The Foundation has supportive memberships for sale on a descending scale, and other items that include books by and about Frank Waters.  These all make unique gifts or additions to collections

                 We need an expert volunteer grantwriter, and an expert volunteer Endowment Fund director.  We need a Frank Waters course in every college in the country.

                Aren’t you glad Dr. Fleming asked for specifics?  I am.


                                                                                                                Barbara Waters

                                                                                                                Executive Director




We plan to publish a list of donors in the future.


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