Mission Statement

"Sheltering the Creative Spirit"

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Taos, New Mexico USA




                                                                                                    Of Time and Change, Frank's Last Book


Mission Statement

Creativity is the keystone of the Frank Waters Foundation, a non-profit

organization. Its primary purpose is to promote the arts by providing

educational workshops and inspirational living space in which creative

persons can work for limited periods.  In a sense, it is a continuation of

Frank Waters’ life work, so closely tied to the land.


As funds provide, more retreat studios will be built on certain portions of

the Foundation’s fifteen acres in Arroyo Seco near Taos, New Mexico.  The

pristine beauty of the remaining land is protected in perpetuity by the Taos

Land Trust.  Looming above are the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, including

Taos Sacred Mountain, source of inspiration and faith to many.  The Frank

Waters Foundation is rooted in this faith.


Eventually, royalties from Frank Waters’ books will support the Foundation,

along with other sources such as an endowment, workshops, lectures, art

shows, musical events, fundraisers, grants, and sales of various items

including books and bronze sculptures of the author.  We have published one

book and in time will publish others that suit our goals.  When appropriate,

the Foundation will work with the pre-existing Frank Waters Society, one of

its academic affiliates, as they will interact with many other organizations

and individuals.  Annual newsletters keep members informed of our progress.


Laying out the difficult groundwork in their lifetimes has been of primary

importance to the founding couple.  This has included installations of a

hard-working board of directors and advisory board, a solid team of creative

persons dedicated to “Sheltering the Creative Spirit,” our Foundation motto.





       Frank Waters Foundation 

Board of Directors



Executive Director, Barbara Waters

President, Mark Rossi

 Secretary/Treasurer, Arleeta Viddaurri-Rossi

Webmaster, William Farr

 Arleene Arnell

John Nizalowski

Lee Bentley


Barbara Waters, Executive Director
Mark Rossi, President
Arleeta Viddaurri-Rossi, Secretary/Treasurer
Bill Farr, Webmaster
Arleene Arnell
John Nizalowski
Lee Bentley





                                                        from chapter 7, Man Who Killed the Deer


                                                          * * * * * ADVISORY   BOARD * * * **


                                                           Arthur Bachrach

                                                             Mag Dimond

                                                             Elsa Sell Farr

                                                          David Jongeward               

                                                          John McConnell

                                                          Marilyn McConnell

                                                            Martin Meltze

                                                            Charles Strong



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