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Taos, New Mexico USA





                                                               Frank Waters: Man and Mystic by Vine Deloria. Jr.

             Residency Application Process

Thank you for your interest in a Studio Residency for creative endeavor at the Frank Waters Foundation located ten miles northeast of Taos in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico. Engaged in a continuing building process, at this time we have available only one studio large enough for one person.  Ours is not a communal type program.  Rather, it is an opportunity to commune in solitude with a uniquely creative spirit of place.  Built in 1996, the studio is a one-room, wide window, adobe style cottage located at the edge of an aspen grove at approximately 8000 feet in altitude and 125 feet from the main Waters house.  The cottage is equipped with cooking facilities, refrigerator, wood-burning stove, high bed with storage space underneath and a good view outdoors.  A porch opening on a small meadow has the same view, ranging west-southwest of Taos.  This fifteen-acre property is located one mile east of Arroyo Seco.  Transportation is by bicycles supplied by the Foundation, or by private car.            


                                                 from The Man Who Killed the Deer, Chapter V


AVAILABILITY:     This non-smoking studio is available from April through October for one or two months at     a time.  We would appreciate a $250 monthly donation to the Frank Water Foundation for this opportunity.  A $50 nonrefundable advance applied toward the total donation amount would be part of the agreement with an accepted resident.  Television is discouraged.  Electrical outlets are available for computers.         


APPLICATION:     The application process is competitive.  Participants are selected by a committee made up of members of the FWF board of directors, including Barbara Waters, widow of the author.  Familiarity with some of Frank Waters work is required. 


To apply, please submit:                     


1.  A letter of intent, in which you clearly outline the purpose of your project and the reasons you wish to pursue it in a secluded mountain setting, as well as the ways in which you intend to assess progress. Within two weeks after departure, you are expected to provide the Foundation with a two-page summary of what you have accomplished during your residency.        


2.  A personal vita or resume of two pages maximum, listing educational background or other preparation, projects, and publications that seem relevant.         


3. Two letters of recommendation each from a professional familiar with your work. These persons should attest not only to your work, but also to the intended focus of the residency, and to the probability of project completion or significant progress.  




Proposals for two-month residencies will be given preference, but
proposals for one-month residencies are important to us, too.  Please
request specific residency dates by month.  Requests should be received
by us at least four to six months in advance of preferred dates.  Only
the months of September and October remain open in 2002.

We hope you will apply, and will tell others about this opportunity.

Barbara Waters
Executive Director



Barbara Waters,     Executive Director                                     


Residency Rules -> CLICK HERE

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