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"Sheltering the Creative Spirit"

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Taos, New Mexico USA





            Barbara at home in Tucson


Barbara Waters was born on September 26, 1929, in Oak Park, Illinois, to Gresham and Norma Hyne.  She grew up mainly in La Grange and Oswego, western suburbs of Chicago.  Marrying young, she had two sons: Terence and William Hayes.  She worked as an executive secretary, then returned to college.  In the process of earning a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with an English major, she attended Lyons Township Junior College, Wheaton College, Elmhurst College, and Northwestern University.  After graduating, she taught for three years, then became an administrator for Union Carbide’s Computer Center in Chicago.

In 1968 she divorced her first husband and came to Taos, New Mexico, where she returned to teaching and met Frank Waters in 1970.  That same year she began dividing her time between Taos and Tucson, Arizona, where she taught English, Creative Writing and Southwestern Literature at Canyon del Oro High School until 1985.

Barbara and Frank bought their Tucson home in 1977.  They were married in 1979, the same year that she earned a master’s degree in journalism at the University of Arizona.  In 1988 she earned another master’s degree there in Counseling and Guidance and began therapy practices in Tucson and Taos.  She organized the Frank Waters Foundation in 1993, two years before her husband’s death in 1995.

She has traveled in Spain, France, ten other European countries, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Canada, and the United States.  She attended the University of New Mexico in 1997 to take computer courses.

Barbara discontinued her psychotherapy practices in 1995 to write her memoir

Before that she wrote articles for the Chicago Tribune, Arizona Daily Star, Tucson Waters Foundation Newsletter, and the Salt Journal.  She has essays in Frank Waters: Man and Mystic and in The Spirit That Wants Me.  She also has reviewed books for Western American Literature and wrote a foreword for the latest edition of The Woman at Otowi Crossing.  She has written four unsubmitted, book-length manuscripts and a graduate thesis registered at the University of Arizona titled “Self-esteem of Female Partners of Occupationally Successful Men.”  She is currently writing a book about aging creatively. 



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Barbara is president of the Frank Waters Foundation, consultant for the Southern Arizona Friends of C.G. Jung, and member of the Society of the Muse of the Southwest.

She gives readings connected with her writings, and workshops on writing and Jungian-oriented dream interpretation.


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