"Sheltering the Creative Spirit"

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Taos, New Mexico USA



The Frank Waters Foundation is pleased to thank the following

friends and supporters who have helped make this celebration

Ohio University Press

M.A.Healy Foundation   

New Mexico Arts Foundation         

Taos Mayor Fred Peralta

Governor Gary Johnson

Mrs. Ruth B. Hill                               

Daniel J. Pearlman

Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Torrence        

Taos Pueblo Governor Vincent Lujan

McConnell Foundation                   

Mabel Dodge Luhan House

Mrs. Lucille Demarest                      

Westernsky Cafe

Rumsfeld Foundation                      

Katie Woodall

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Bolls                   

Casa Benavides

Taos Institute of the Arts                 

Mr. & Mrs. John Farr                        

Little Tree B&B

Drs. Elsa & Wm. Farr                        

Laughing Horse Inn

Mr. & Mrs. Tal Luther                        

Old Blinking Light

Mr. Martin Meltzer        

Art Greeno

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Callan                 

Taos Catering Company

Mr. & Mrs. John Twiname                

Rocky Mountain Barbeque

Mr. Clark Funk                                   

Jacquie Carp Catering

Mr. Mark  Rossi     


Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rossi                      

Moby Dickens Books

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Sparks                    

Taos Book Shop

Elise & Kent Strickland     

Brodsky's Bookshop   

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Loyd                   

General Rental

Dr. & Mrs.  Robert Mellon               

Digerati Design

Mr. & Mrs. Allison  Guynes             

Final Touch Frame Shop

Ms. Margot Wieland                         

Easy Print

Mr. Al Collins                                     

Southside  Copies

Ms. Irene Falk                                    

Copy Queen

Mrs. Holly Reed                               

New Mexico Magazine

Mrs. Lynn Stenzel                           

The Santa Fean

Ms. Linda Ann Heinke                    

South Dakota Review

Ms. Harvena Richter                       

Western American Literature Magazine

Mr. Leon Donfrey                           

Colorado Springs Gazette

Mr. Robert Fix  

The Taos News                             

Mr.  Victor DiSuvero                       

Tamara Teale

Mrs. Nargess Britton         

Mr. & Mrs. A . F . Nahas  

High Desert Funding Partners  

Mrs. Jenny Vincent                         

Mr. James Shannon

Lucille & Jose Sanchez

Mr. Craig Wolf

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Southward 

Bob's Yard

Lucille Bell

KRZA'a Mike Tilley


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