The Car Goes On

"Sheltering the Creative Spirit"

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Taos, New Mexico USA



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Frank's car goes on and on, as a "float", in the first ever Arroyo Seco July 4th Parade, complete with Trickster and several Board and Advisory members on board.


                              The Galaxie Stars

Of course the star of the first annual Arroyo Seco Fourth of July Parade was the Galaxie, Frankís 1966 Ford.  Red, white, and blue draperies, Frank Waters Foundation banners, American flags, and Uncle Sam top hats festooned its chassis. Sparks of light meteored from silver pinwheels attached to each side of its gleaming windshield.  Its wheels flashed blue and white with intertwined crepe paper.

Outside, FWF advisory board member Elsa Farr, wearing spangled red, white, and blue tights, red shorts, and a flag-like vest, reigned on the starís throned trunk along with a bearded collie named Dottie, who almost freaked out at the piercing shrieks of a fire engine close behind.  Bill Farr, also on the advisory board, videotaped the auspicious occasion. It was a great parade!


Inside, as if she were Queen Elizabeth, Trickster the half-coyote dog waved and nodded to the masses lining the street.  The good guys wearing white hats around her in the car were Barbara Waters honking the horn and driving; Imogene Bolls, Foundation vice president; and Nate Bolls, board member.

Crowds cheered and cameras clicked as the glittering star swept grandly down the block-long main drag of Arroyo Seco.  Horses pranced, music blared, little children bicycled, a clown sprang cartwheels, and stiltwalkers staggered precariously.  



Like a shooting star, the Galaxieís moment of glory was brief but spectacular.  It wasnít quite enough, however.  Afterwards outside Casa Fresen Cafe, the carís silver pinwheels began spinning sparks again as if the spirit of Frank Waters was demanding, ďCome ON.  Letís have another parade!Ē

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