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Taos, New Mexico USA





  Barbara, Keith Wilson and Tony Reyna at memorial service


                     People From the Valley

                                            by Keith Wilson

-- for Frank Waters

                                               The farmers come, come

                                                on down the Pecos Valley

                                                in busted-bottom wagons


                                                their children thin

                                                blonde cornhusk hair



                                                Sparrows watch dry ruts

                                                for spilled kernels

                                                the men, stiff, formal


                                                black suit, white shirts,

                                                the women searching for

                                                other wagons, bright bonnets.


                                                Cottonwood leaves clash

                                                green in Saturday’s wind

                                                as the quiet children sit


                                                aware they

                                                will be watched by

                                                townboys in their victor clothes

                                                the dark eyes of townsmen


                                                watching for any beauty

                                                the land has missed, its

                                                women, this land hungers


                                                for women, and for farmers

                                                who can write their own obituaries

                                                in the lines of their hard hands.  



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